About RhinoHawk

The RhinoHawk team is dedicated to building aerial robotics to improve the lives of people around the globe. Our group of dedicated makers design and build our creations at the Nova Labs Makerspace in Reston, Virginia, USA. The systems we make are focused on major world issues including nature conservancy, search & rescue, emergency response, transportation, and agricultural monitoring.
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How you can help:

Volunteer: Our team is always looking for talent! Please contact us at Info@RhinoHawk.com

Sponsorship: For sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to Info@RhinoHawk.com

Donations: Help send our team to Australia for the competition!


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Team Updates

  • We are a GO!

    Our team is thrilled to receive a GO from the UAV Challenge organizers! We were relieved after submitting Deliverable 2 (D2), which was a major hurdle to participating in the UAV Challenge. The work leading up to the D2 submission proved our design was feasible and that our team could solve some crucial problems. However, … continue reading >

  • Finishing Deliverable 2

    With the autonomous flights completed, we have a lot of writing to do to complete our written report. The irony is not lost that us 5 guys went out for 5 guys burgers to feed us through the night. We are wrapping up the document now, our video looks good (https://youtu.be/zu6FoNEt-Mo), and the sun should … continue reading >