About RhinoHawk

The RhinoHawk team is a dynamic group of volunteers dedicated with a common goal of improving developing and building robotic solutions to solve major challenges across the world. Our team is constructed of volunteers with various backgrounds, giving us an edge when developing creative and iterative designs that are built at the Nova Labs Makerspace in Reston, Virginia, USA.
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How you can help:

Volunteer: Our team is always looking for talent! Please contact us at Info@RhinoHawk.com

Sponsorship: For sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to Info@RhinoHawk.com

Donations will help our team move forward to meet our goal to enter in the 2017 UAV Challenge!


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Team Updates

Electronics Mounting Solution

The Electronics package is almost complete. Ted has put some serious time into completing the hardware layout and the mounting plates. This setup will meet our needs for flight testing, but we plan to swap out the laser cut wood plates for cnc machined composites on the final bird. They look pretty clean on the […]

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RhinoHawk at the NOVA Makerfaire

The team brought the vehicle down to the NOVA Makerfaire in Reston, Virginia, USA this weekend. It was used to bring awareness to the team’s efforts as well as to the overall utility of UAVs. We spoke to a lot of local innovators and entrepreneurs about our progress, and got some good leads for materials […]

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Prep for first flight

The team is prepping the flight test vehicle for first flight testing this week. We are completing the flight controller mount on the electronics plate and writing the test plan. We will start with tethered flights to determine the power required for liftoff as well as the response rate of the motors. Flight test #2 […]

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