Team RhinoHawk Status & Progress Updates

  • We are a GO!

    Our team is thrilled to receive a GO from the UAV Challenge organizers! We were relieved after submitting Deliverable 2 (D2), which was a major hurdle to participating in the UAV Challenge. The work leading up to the D2 submission proved our design was feasible and that our team could solve some crucial problems. However, … continue reading >

  • Finishing Deliverable 2 Team working hard for deliverable 2

    With the autonomous flights completed, we have a lot of writing to do to complete our written report. The irony is not lost that us 5 guys went out for 5 guys burgers to feed us through the night. We are wrapping up the document now, our video looks good (, and the sun should … continue reading >

  • Thermoformed Shell Complete

    Pat and Bo ran the thermoformer last night to complete the upper fuselage shell. It looks pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves. There is some detail trimming still to be done, as well as provisions for forced air cooling, not to mention a sweet paint job yet to be designed. For now, the … continue reading >

  • Electronics Mounting Solution

    The Electronics package is almost complete. Ted has put some serious time into completing the hardware layout and the mounting plates. This setup will meet our needs for flight testing, but we plan to swap out the laser cut wood plates for cnc machined composites on the final bird. They look pretty clean on the … continue reading >

  • RhinoHawk at the NOVA Makerfaire

    The team brought the vehicle down to the NOVA Makerfaire in Reston, Virginia, USA this weekend. It was used to bring awareness to the team’s efforts as well as to the overall utility of UAVs. We spoke to a lot of local innovators and entrepreneurs about our progress, and got some good leads for materials … continue reading >

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